A Good Lawyers Wife

anna, how are you doing? anna camp at l.a.x. she recently got married. we asked her about the wedding ring that has the married on it that the jeweler did that everybody is talking about. harvey: the imprint that says married on your finger.

what? it leaves an imprint that says married when you take it off. if you need that ring, you might be in a little bit of trouble. but whatever makes you happy. we say, would you ever make

your husband wear that? no, we have our own beautiful rings. let me see what you got. let me see your rock. she won’t show her ring. harvey: is she holding her hand? she kind of hides it. i’m too embarrassed.

because she doesn’t want to be showy, show off other people. her ring is humongous. harvey: but i don’t understand. you got it. you wear it. it means something and you hide it. do you drive your porsche to

everything? if you know you’re going to an event with maybe people not as well off as you, do you feel weird showing up in a porsche? harvey: nope! [laughter] thank you so much.

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