Accident Lawyer Orlando

i’ve been in a car accident. i’m broke. canmy lawyer lend me money or can i borrow money from somebody else? i’m steve kramer. i’ma florida accident and injury attorney. and today we’re going to talk about how to dealwith limited finances after an accident. a lot of times when you get into an accidentyou might be out of work, you might be hurt, you might be disabled. you know, you mighthave a lot of impediments resulting in you not making a lot of money any more or havinga lot more medical expenses. and money can become a real issue, and i’ve seen a lot ofmy clients struggle with this over the years. you know, the reality is you can’t borrowmoney from your lawyer. it’s not ethical. a lawyer can’t get into that financial relationshipwith a client. now you know, a firm like ours

– we do a no fee guarantee where we don’tcharge our clients any fee unless we recover and they don’t have to pay us until there’sactually a settlement. but we can’t actually loan money to our clients. and any lawyerwho says that they can, you need to run the other way. because that’s a real bad signbecause that’s totally unethical. now, the other question is can you borrow money fromone of these services that advertises on tv and is willing to lend you money from a potentialsettlement that you might get. and you need to know that if you take one of these loans,you’re potentially mortgaging your future. because the interest rates these companiescharge is just astronomical, and this money is all going to come out of your settlementin the end, and that money is really supposed

to cover your injuries, your future know, real expenses and you’re going to, you know, if you’ve got a good lawyer, they’rethere to walk you through that process. they’re there to get you a resolution as quick aspossible. you know, i’d recommend you don’t mortgage your future there. it’s real important.i’m telling you this because i’ve seen this happen. i’ve seen where these kinds of situationscan go real bad, and i’d be glad to talk with you or advise you anytime if you’ve got anyquestions about it. you know, it’s a real dangerous road to go down when you start borrowingmoney from one of these companies. so, if you have any questions, give me a call. i’dbe glad to talk to you about this or anything else. i really appreciate you watching. i’msteve kramer. thanks.

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