Accident Lawyers In Philadelphia

i went to law school specifically to bea personal injury attorney that’s who i am and it’s what i’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. i love getting into the work early and working on your case. i want to help you. i want to try to make the world a safer place by going after the auto industry. i want to try to make you whole as best i can based on the injuries that you’ve gone through and that’s the philosophy here at bisnar chase – we’re all here we’re all on your team, we’re all here fighting for you.

traffic was slowing down and my wifelet out this scream – blood-curdling scream, and then we were hit severelyhard from the rear after the impact our two vehicles just hung together and he pushed us into the concrete center divider i was in physical therapy five days a week two days for my whiplash and then three days for my hand. i found bisnar chase and i called them and i said i need help. i can’t do this myself.

and they said we’re here to help you you really feel that they care for you and they’re interested in you getting better. sorry it’s bringing everything back when they told me that i was going to bein a wheelchair i tried to kill myself and they had to restrain me in thehospital. i knew that prior to my

accident was one of the biggest fears iever had and i didn’t realize that i was going to have to choose to live throughmy biggest fear. bisnar chase was able to take the fight to court. without the money that they helped me get i wouldn’t be able to have the life that ihave now. because of my case the law was changed, so without that then other caseswouldn’t be able to have the same stability or success. if you hirebisnar chase you know you’re hiring a team

of committed professionals to fight on your behalf you’re also hiring a law firm that’s got the resources to take yourcase from beginning to end and if it has to go to trial, we’ve got the resources to try anywhere in the country. we will find that needlein the haystack if that needle’s there, to make sure we get justice for you and we getthe best possible outcome. that’s what we do.

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