Acne Skin Treatment

(ambient electronic music) – i’m very insecure about my bacne. – it’s really embarrassing to have bacne. it lines my sports braand it’s really gross. – i work out a lot, i dance, and i tend to sweat a lot,so it agitates my back. – it works on your self-esteem, so i’m hoping that dr.lancer can help me out. – samantha, what can i do for you?

– well, i do have alot of acne on my back. – uh-huh. – and it is quite a problem. – i have pimples back there. – well, have you seen them? – they’re hard to see,but i can feel them. – ah, you see, you’d have tobe one of those exorcist people to be able to see around there. let me take a look at the back.

so you have active acne on your back, all the way down to themiddle of your back. there are a few little marks. it’s sort of like littlesandpapery stuff here. the caffeine, in anyform, makes this worse. sugar makes acne worse. dairy products make acne worse. the best thing, is to do just a little bit of a micropolishing.

we’re going to extract orclean up some of the debris. you need to do this treatment maybe every three or four weeks. you gotta sort of get the habit of taking good care of your skin. so we’ll clear it all up. you’ll be better than gold. – all right, we’re goingto exfoliate her back using this machine, power peel.

there’s actually two tubesto do two transactions. one is going to suck up andunclog all the dead debris, clogged junk that’s making her break out. and the other is gonnaspit out these crystals. as we glide, we exfoliate. so it’s a really deep,exfoliating cleanse. so it’s just gonna feel scratchy. kind of like a good back scratch. – [samantha] hm, it’s not bad.

– right? – [samantha] it’s different though. – different, i mean,it’s not like a massage. (tool buzzing) (electronic music) – it’s kind of an intense feeling. – this is just lightsand polish on your skin. so what it does, it willremove the dead skin. it will help as well for the marks,

the post-inflammatorypigmentation from the acne, and, at the same time, itwill smoothen out your skin. – [samantha] do you guysuse this on faces as well? – we do this on faces as well. we do this on face, neck, chest, and sometimes peoplebreak out on their arms. we do it on their arms. – it feels like someone isgently skinning me alive. – [vangie] it’s likevacuuming at the same time.

like polishing and vacuuming your skin. – [samantha] i’m likefalling asleep over here. – it’s a interesting feeling. the best way to explain that is like someone is taking a paring knife and just dragging it across your skin. – [michelle] now we’regoing to do the dry ice. – why liquid nitrogen? – it’s just like detailing a car,

so after you detail the car, you need to kind of soften it and then all the debris will come out. – okay, well my skin feels like it’s slightly on fire right now, so this is exciting and terrifying. (intense music) – it definitely provides relief. – [vangie] it feels good, isn’t it?

– yes. – [samantha] it’s very cold. it is very nice though. – [michelle] refreshing, right? – [samantha] yes. – [vangie] at least 50%of the redness is gone. it’s just slightly pink now. – it is very soft.- soft? – very refreshing.

– i feel like a new woman.

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