Acne Treatment As Seen On Tv

(applause) it wouldn’t be right to cover our most embarrassing, grossest, wildest moments without our most pop-ular dermatologist dr. sandra lee, pimple popper extraordinaire. so grab your popcorn, sit back and, you know on second thought you might not want to eat while watching this.

how are things poppin’ at the office these days? – they’re poppin’, i mean that’s all, that’s all i’m doing. that’s a lot of what i’m doing these days. so, i thought i’d bring you guys some of my best samplesyou always bring something! i know you love them. so excited.

(audience talking and gasping) this is my first clip. this is a woman on her cheek. cheek?so, yeah. she’s a young girl too like early 20’s and so when we remove one on the cheek i want to leave as small a scar possible, as you knowright! in plastic, so we have to squeeze them out

and this is a bloomin’, i call this the bloomin’ onion. that’s a bloomin’ onion! yes. okay, ah. so that’s a cyst, so that what’s inside and this is another cyst. this example of how cysts look different. this one i where’s that at?

it’s on his arm, it was acute. and this is my favorite. this is a lipoma and it pops out like.. you sure it’s not a baby? chicken cord on bleu. is that all a, is that all a (mumbles)it’s like it is amazing. watch this, watch, watch, watch, right there. ohhh!

(crowd gasps) i replay that in my mind.that is not. that is got, that’s encapsulated!got the whole thing. yeah, yes, is that not awesome? to pop that. that’s like a high fiver, right you know (mumbles).yeah, that is that’s almost orgasmic

right there.yeah, yeah, it is. it’s a good one. how long had she had that,that’s awesome. that lipoma?quite a while. quite a while. you know.that was a good sized.. yeah, and it’s deforming when it’s here. i mean, it was like a, i think the title of it was attention this is not a deltoid.

’cause it was likethat big? yeah, it was sticking out, so. so was, and she’s a sweetheart. there you go.i have to say that the, the lipoma is enjoyable to watch. i like it when things come out nice and clean like that but that second one, that, you know

when things start draining out, different colors, you also as a doctor , hate to say this but you also associate certain smells with what you’re seeing and those have been in there for a long time. you know what though, what’s interesting is smells are unpredictable. some, you don’t know. it’s like you don’t know if it’s

and there is gonna be a smell and the color is unpredictable. so you know what i’d, you know what i do now? i’ll..what do you do? i’ll put a little bit of the vapo rub on the mask cause i just can’t, i’ve gotten to the point where.. you just don’t even want to anticipate, the anticipation is alsoit’s like that box of

chocolates, you never knowmesses you up. what you’re gonna to get after that.that’s right. (mumbles) like a box of chocolate. (laughing) except than god you’re not biting into these puppies,yeah. you’re just squeezin’ ’em. yeah.

doctor, i don’t know about you but i don’t know that i’ll ever look at white chocolate the same way again. no it’s, that was quite a pop.

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