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hey, what’s up you guys? it’s travis and welcome to lifestyle mondays,where every monday i try to make your life just a little bit better. in this weeks’ episode of lifestyle mondaysthe asian pear is making its big return because today i’m going to be showing you guys exactlyhow to remove the pimples from your butt. before we begin, i should probably mentionthat this video is a sequel to my butt hair removal video that i did. in case you missed that video you can checkit out in the description section below. as you can tell our butt today is doing muchbetter than last time we saw it, however,

because the hair is gone we now have breakouts,oh no. the biggest antagonist of breakouts is sweat. bacteria thrives in sweat, so when that bacteriacollects on your booty, it gets into your pores and then your body traps it, which thencreates pimples. it’s very nice of your body to do that foryou but it is not nice for your partner, because when they go down on your cookies, they’renot sure whether or not to play with your cookies or play a game of connect the dots. the first thing you’re going to want to doto prevent breakouts from sweat is to make sure your booty is clean and i use wet wipesfrom kleenex, fresh-on-the-go wipes.

once you find yourself in a situation whereyou’re sweating profusely, you’re going to want to take your wet wipe and you’re goingto wipe the left and the right side of your cookies, heck why you’re at it, wipe rightup down the middle of your cookies because you want to make sure that your cookies aresugar cookies, if you know what i mean. now that our booty is nice and dry, we wantto keep it dry with some good old fashioned baby powder. now unfortunately, this is just regular babypowder because typically, i like to use lavender scented baby powder, because who doesn’t liketheir pink berry to smell like a bath and body works.

once you’ve applied the baby powder, you justwant to slap it in and make sure it gets nice and deep in there. it’s not use to all this powder going up inthere but you say, "you know what? you gonna to receive this pink berry." so now that our booty is looking nice andfresh for a night on the town, the next step you’re going to want to do when it’s timeto shower is exfoliate. any exfoliant should work for any normal person,but if you are somebody that has chronic pimples on your butt, then you’re going to want touse a body wash with benzoyl peroxide, unfortunately, i don’t have any to show you guys today becausei do not have chronic breakouts but i put

a sample of one that’ll work for you up here,if you want to get that you can check it out in the description section below. either way, applying this benzoyl peroxidebody wash on your body, requires that you use it on a loofah. unfortunately, i don’t have a loofah but ido have some stainless steel scrubbing pads. to exfoliate your booty, you’re going to wantto put some body wash onto your loofah, mix it with some water and then scrub. as you can clearly tell, the acne has beganto go away. if your flesh is peeling off from the exfoliation,that’s how you know you’re going too hard.

you want to do nice, circular motions. make sure you’re going firm but not too hardbecause you want to make sure your booty knows that you care about it. you’re going to try and make it feel better,i’m just trying to make you feel better baby, this will make you feel better. perfect. the fourth and final step for keeping thepimples off of your butt is a magical little thing that i call tend skin, this is the bestthing you’re ever going to find if you have razor bumps, pimples or ingrown hairs, becausethis has been something i’ve used since i

was 18 years old and that’s worked ever since. now tend skin’s going to burn just a littlebit when you apply it, but you’re going to like it. so put a little bit on your booty, feel thatsting and just enjoy it. as you can clearly tell, our booty is lookingmuch better than it did when we first started this video. if you want to see what a real life butt wouldlook like after this treatment is done, come right this way. you might be wondering where i got this labcoat from, who cares?

focus. over here i have a human specimen that didexactly what i told him to do for getting rid of butt pimples, human specimen. as you can clearly tell, the human specimenhas no pimples on his gucci prada, his pink berry or his louis vuitton. i’d say this is a good job and also a greatopportunity for a thumbnail. all right guys, so i guess that does it formy butt pimple removal tutorial, if you want to see more videos like this one, be sureto give this video a like and i guess that’s all i have for right now.

so thank you guys so much for watching andwe’ll see you next time.

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