Acne Treatment Comparison

caregivers end up using their own savings and retirement money to cover costs. other health news, breaking out with pimples is frustrating and embarrassing not just for teens. many adults have it, too. dr. cbs 2’s dr. max gomez says

that knowing your acne triggers can help you avoid those breakouts. dr. max. reporter: if you are of a certain age, you are probably told to avoid chocolate or fried foods or cola soft drinks if you wanted to avoid

breaking out in pimples. turns out there’s no science behind that so-called conventional wisdom! that said, there are some things you should avoid to keep acne at bay. reporter: acne is the bane of almost all teens and some

adults. while pimples always seem to pop up at the worst time, knowing your acne triggers are an important part of prevention. knowing the triggers can help you to treat them better. it can help you to avoid

exacerbating factors and manage your treatment better. reporter: believe it or not, where you break out can give you a clue as to the cause of the acne. if it’s around your chin or jaw, it’s probably due to stress or hormones.

both stimulate oil glands that clog pores and feed bacteria. just having stress alone can exacerbate oil production and inflammation. reporter: weather plays a role especially warm, humid weather. again because your skin is

oilier under those conditions. even very dry weather can be a problem. not because it’s an acne trigger but because acne treatments dry your skin, which many patients dislike. and then there’s exercise. pimples will tend to form in

areas that are covered and rubbed during exercise. anytime you have sweat, anytime you have oil and couple that with occlusion from sweat, whether it’s from headbands, sweaty clothes, athletic equipment like shoulder pads, chin straps,

like you get with football, lacrosse, hockey players, all of that can be a problem with exacerbating the acne. reporter: so dermatologists suggest showering as soon as possible after a workout to reduce acne producing oil and bacteria on your skin.

there are some very good treatments from acne. you don’t have to suffer but you should probably go to a

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