Acne Treatment Cream

hi friends welcome to our community simple beauty secrets remember to subscribe to this channel today i’m going to tell you about one of the best treatments i’ve come across to help you fight acne scars and uneven pigmentation i use it myself this secret remedy will give you clear beautiful skin even better it costs only

a few dollars as you know commercial remedies can cost you a fortune there’s only one main ingredient in this recipe you can use it twice a day and get unbelievable results i’ll bet you’re wondering what it is any guesses okay here’s a clue so you won’t be using your regular cleanser after you use this one but first please take a moment to like

this video and subscribe to simple beauty secrets so i present you with the amazing remedy of a soap yes a soap which you can prepare yourself at home i call this remedy named soap that may sound strange but trust me it’s the best anti blemish soap you could ever find i like this name soap because it’s one of the best to do its job can be prepared

easily at home and the ingredients used are completely natural these powerful ingredients fight against bacteria and other harmful pathogens that might otherwise enter your skin rich in vitamins c and e this soap will cleanse your skin and hydrate it it also helps your skin heal i introduced the soap to a friend who’d suffered from terrible

acne with bad scarring for five years after using this soap for only two weeks her skin is fresh as a newborn’s if that she calls me to thank me for telling her about this powerful soap you must be very eager to know more about this mean so like a good and caring friend i’ll gladly teach you everything about this special soap free of charge just pay

attention to the details and closely follow the instructions to make your name soap buy some neem leaves you’ll need about a handful if you can’t find them locally they’re available online then rinse them in a strainer to remove any dust but the neem leaves in a mixer jar and blend them until they form a smooth juice use the strainer to extract

the leaves from the juice but the extracted pure neem leaves paste in a container for now using a double boiler method your soap base or a glycerin soap to the pot and heat it until it melts when the soap base has become liquid at one tablespoon of pure leaf paste and stir it continually simmer the mixture for

about 10 minutes before adding 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel finally add one capsule of vitamin e and stir the mixture continuously over medium heat for another 5 minutes i know your mixture has reached its final consistency remove it from the heat and allow it to cool so what do you think about the recipes so far is it easy to

make or not we’d love to have your feedback in the comments section also please like this video and subscribe to simple beauty secrets you can use any kind of mole to give this soap a shake grease it with petroleum jelly so it will unmold easily pour your mixture into the mold and freeze it for an hour when it’s harden your neem soap is ready

to use you can use this soap on your face or body to get clear flawless skin neem has so many benefits i use this soap twice a day in the morning and before bed since i started using this soap i’ve not had any breakouts acne pimples scars or marks so if you want to get your skin well protected make this soak today and

stop using those expensive commercial cleansers rub the soap on your skin and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before you rinse this will remove dead skin cells and unclog pores this soap will last for weeks before you prepare another one if you like you can make larger batches and store the bars in your freezer until needed try out this

diy homemade soap today and start enjoying its benefit let us know if you try it in the comment section your feedback is really important remember to like this video and subscribe to our channel see you in the next video till then bye

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