Acne Treatment Device

you can see that this particular devicehas needles. the needles are inserted into the skin, painlessly i might add, into thedermis itself and then the energy is applied. in this way we can eliminateany energy affecting the surface and the energy all goes to the exact and precise depth which we are targeting. once the energy is being released at thetargeted depth, we can modulate that energy in order to achieve different results. here you’re seeing two separate thingshappening. one is the remodeling of older and usually damaged collagen. in this way that collagen is going to betightened and strengthened which of course

lifts and tones your skin. the other modality is actually causingthe generation a brand new layers of collagen. the generation of new collagen not onlystrengthens, lifts and tones your skin but also brings back youthful fullness.

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