Acne Treatment For Pregnant Women

why is my chest breaking out during pregnancy? if you are not giving your growing chest enoughroom to breathe, you’ll get all hot and sweaty in that cramped bra, increasing theodds of acne. i’m wearing a maternity bra already. a lot of women get pregnancy acne becauseof all the extra oil their skin produces. whether or not it offsets the gorgeous hair,i do not know. i have oily hair. try washing your hair more often without theconditioner. and for all i know, that conditioner running out of your hair and onto your chestand back is aggravating the acne.

i can try changing my hair care routine. ifrankly have not been keeping up with it much though. not showering at least as much as you didwhile your body makes more oil is a recipe for chest acne. my face has not broken out as badly, though,relatively speaking. are you sure you are not mistaking linea negrafor a blemish? what is linea negra? your body makes extra melanin in responseto some of the hormones the pregnancy creates. the result is a dark line running from thebelly button to the pubic area for around

three quarters of women. i have that. are you sure you do not have other dark splotcheson your face, arms and even chest that you’re mistaking for acne? while this is my first pregnancy, it is notmy first outbreak of acne. then i might recommend wearing looser topsso that your chest can breathe. skin tight clothing won’t let your skin breathe, evenif it is stretchy enough to support the pregnancy. and yet i do not have problems with the stretchymaternity pants causing acne down there. then i have to wonder whether or not you’reeating way too much greasy food and need a

bib while you do it. just ice cream, chocolate and a few sweets.and no, those foods do not make you break out a lot. so it is not like a baby breaking out becausethey’ve spilled all this food on their chest that has not been cleaned up. if the baby was spitting up on me a lot, thatwould explain post-pregnancy chest acne, but not now. then make sure your skin can breathe, keepit clean and talk to a doc if it is still a problem.

and worst case scenario, it does not clearup until after i have the baby, at which point, i can blame it on him. just do not try taking anything for it withouttalking to a doctor, or you risk birth defects you do not want your kid blaming on you.

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