Acne Treatment For Teenager

acne: it’s something almost all of us haveto deal with at some point – but why does it exist? is it something evolutionary – oris it merely a product of our lifestyle? hey guys, tara here for dnews – and today,i wanna talk about acne. not about what it is, or how to get rid of it. no, i wanna talkabout the purpose behind acne. the real, evolutionary reason as to why humans suffer from there even a reason? i mean, it can’t do anything good, right? it just makes ourlives miserable. so why do we get it? well believe it or not, there’s still alot about acne that we don’t know. but there are a handful of theories out there, thatseek to explain why it’s such a common problem. one theory, proposed by evolutionary biologistsstephen kellett and paul gilbert, is that

acne evolved because humans lost our bodyfur too quickly for our skin to keep up. according to them, our skin’s sebaceous glands – whichwere at one point, almost entirely covered in fur – haven’t evolved at the same paceat which we lost our fur. so as a result, all of the sebum that once existed in orderto lubricate our fur – has no more fur to lubricate, so now, it just clogs our poresinstead. that’s one explanation. but another study,published in 2004, theorizes that the time frame of acne – the fact that it’s mostprevalent during puberty – suggests that it plays a role in sexual selection. they referto acne as a “high-order psychoneuroimmune interaction” that functions to ward offpotential mates until a person is past the

age of reproductive maturity, and thus, “emotionally,intellectually, and physically fit to be a parent.” which makes perfect sense – but then why dosome adults still get acne? are they just unfit parents? of course not! i mean maybe,i don’t really know. but both of those theories could explain why humans adapted to have acne. other arguments say that acne may not be anadaptation at all – but rather, a side effect of our lifestyle. diet, for example, has beenshown to have an effect on our skin – and the fact that the human diet in particularhas changed so drastically over the span of our existence – means that modern agriculturecould be the culprit. specifically, dairy

and grains – both of which have been linkedto increased levels of acne. there was an interesting study about thisback in 2005, that talked about tribal people from canada and japan, who broke out afterbeing introduced to dairy. and a similar story, about aborigines from paraguay and papua newguinea that ate almost no complex carbs, and likewise had no history of acne. there couldbe a lot of reasons for that though, one of which is the basis for another major lifestyletheory – which is that we simply wash our faces too much. this is definitely one of the more experimentalsuggestions, given that there isn’t a whole lot of data to back it up, but it does makesense. early humans almost never bathed, but

now – we live in an age where it’s consideredhygienic to wash our faces twice a day. and by constantly removing the surface oil fromour faces, it’s possible that we’re actually inducing the opposite effect – we’re sendingour oil glands into overproduction, resulting in even more oil than what’s natural. again – most of this is pure conjecture, butanecdotally – i will say that i have a friend who has never washed his face, doesn’t evenget it wet in the shower – and he has perfect skin. never had a pimple in his life. whichis probably more due to genetics than anything else – but still. food for thought. what do you guys think? have you sufferedfrom acne, and if so – what did you to do

fix it? let us know your thoughts, in thecomments below – and as always, thank you guys for watching!

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