Acne Treatment For Teens

pimples and zits are common occurrences withpuberty. but acne can be tough on teens, so researchers took a closer look at how to keepacne at bay. i’m jennifer dodd and this is a dailyrx feature. the american acne and rosaceasociety, recently released new recommendations on how to classify, diagnose and manage acne.what does that mean for you? real, evidence-based guidelines on how to control that frustratingacne. the research showed that products containing benzoyl peroxide can safely and effectivelytreat acne when used by themselves or in combination with other topical products for mild acne.topical medicines with benzoyl peroxide,â prescription retinoids and antibiotics can be used formoderate acne. severe acne should be treated with prescriptionâ oral antibiotics and topicalmedicines containing benzoyl peroxide. now,

for whatâ not to do. the research showed whileâ facialhygiene is important, abrasive or vigorous scrubbing could worsen acne. if you’re dealingwith acne, make sure and talk with your doctor about the many options. for dailyrx tv, i’mjennifer dodd.

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