Acne Treatment Laser

(upbeat music) – i’ve dealt with acnethroughout my whole life, ever since i was a teenager. – i’ve been struggling with adult acne and breakouts every other month. – i’m doctor harold lancer,i’m a dermatologist. and we’re gonna bedemonstrating the microbuff. using little fine crystalsand polishing the skin. and it works by actually removing

some of the dead skin cellslayer, and does it painlessly. doctor lancer reporting for duty. so you have a little bitof a dried out cyst there, some shaving, razor-burn, a little bit of markings here, redness, brown. a little bit of acnethat’s a little bit active and a little bit subdued, and a little bit of ongoing clogging. the polishing is actually donewith the machine behind you.

the microbuffer, to sortof polish your skin down, then we’ll use some of the liquid nitrogen to clean away the debris. and then you’ll actually feel your skin, it’ll feel like a baby’s brand new butt. – oh wow. – that’s how smooth. and now this is the microbuffing. – [assistant] just keepyour eyes closed okay?

(machine whirring) – [assistant] yeah, that’s how it feels. it’s like those crystalsactually scraping off the surface of your skinto actually get rid of that dead skin cells that’sbeen there for a while. – it feels like it’s suctioning, vacuum, with little jagged knives at the end. scraping my skin off. – what is this white stuffthat you’re putting on me?

– [assistant] these are the crystals. then this crystal microbeadsare very fine crystals that are also uniform in shape and size, so it doesn’t hurt the skin,it won’t abraid the skin. – [harold] it’s stimulatingnew blood flow to the skin. you need new blood flow tobring oxygen to the skin, and that’s how the skin repairs itself. – [assistant] so i’m justtaking off the crystals off of her face and theni’ll do another round

of the cleansing to prepareher for our favorite part, the warm towel and liquid nitrogen. (dramatic music) – ahh, that feels good. – [assistant] yeah, thisis my favorite part. so it actually does,it’s whatever’s left over from the microbuff,all the dead skin cells that are on the surface of the skin, it actually helps get rid of it even more.

– i’ve never been to antarctica, but i’m assuming thisis what it feels like. – i feel like a baby, 28 years ago. – alright, i’m ready for my review. – [assistant] here you go. – wow! – now i’m excited totry the skincare routine for the following week. maybe longer if it works.

– hopefully i’m acne freeforever after this week. – so it’s been a fewdays since my treatment, and i’m using the productsand it feels really good. my scars have definitely gone down, it’s not bumpy and red as much anymore. – my skin is a lot smoother, and my complexion isdefinitely more bright. if you would take a look atthe right side of my cheek, i had like active breakoutswhen i first went in,

and they basically havesubsided for the most part. overall, things havebeen going pretty good, and i’m super excited because it hasn’t even been a whole week. – it feels really nice and smooth, still, so i just gotta keepthis up and, hopefully, everything will go away.

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