Acne Treatment Los Angeles

hey, guys. my name is uche uba. i’m here at ama regenerativemedicine and skincare. i came here because i hadsome ingrown hairs on my face. when you have a curly hair, and you cut it off really low, when they grow back, they can cause these ingrown hairs, these bumps that are so painful.

so, they’re all over my jawline, and so my face is likebubbling up on the sides. it was crazy. i came here to do some laser hair removal. woo! so, i got a new face. it felt pretty good. i mean, her technique was absolutely amazing.

so, i was always looking for someone who could, like, do it right, because then laser hair on bumps, i was just like, "ah, it’s gonna hurt," you know what i’m saying, because it was already so painful, but so far i’ve had an amazing time. the treatments were very simple. i would go in.

we’d do some lidocaine, and just numb the face, for about like 30 to 35 minutes, and they have nice massage chairs. so, i get to just chill out and vibe out, and then we’d go in and remove the cream, and they’d just go inand zap, zap, zap away, and it was not painful at all. they have a really good process,

or whatever they do. it’s great. dr. pien is sweet, and she’s super nice, and honestly all i needto say is she’s talented. she knows what she’s doing, and she guides you through the process and makes you feel comfortable, and if you’re feeling any

like, sensations that are, you know, unsettling, she’ll make sure to go slower, or faster, or give you like a cold press, or like cold air or whatever. so, she’s there for the journey with you to make sure that you’re comfortable, which was great.

it was so good. i’m a changed man. what they’ve done here is, as you can see, get me back to that babysmooth skin.

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