Acne Treatment No Benzoyl Peroxide

hi guys,i quickly wanted to remake this video, because you guys complained about not hearing my lastvideo, and i really want you guys to get this information. so, this is my second attempt. what prompted my enthusiasm to make a videoabout is cause i’m currently struggling with acne for reason that i can’t explain. when home at night, i clean my face i tryto avoid anything that’s gonna cause acne but still, it just keeps coming. so, i’m currently taking this pill for myacne.

it was prescribed by my doctor. not even my dermatologist just a regular doctor. it’s called doxycycline. you probably cant read it but, it’s an anti-biotic. what it does is it helps inflammation so theswelling and it helps fight the bacteria that caused the acne in the first place. so if you can get to your doctor get a prescription,that will be awesome. something to take note of though is, thisdoesn’t treat acne overnight. it’s gonna take months for some people.

but in the mean time you can always use adrying lotion. i’m gonna leave a link to where you can purchaseit but one drying lotion that i’m aware of is the mario badescu drying lotion. the second one that i know of actually is emuaid, its a drying lotion. what i’ve actually been using that’s beeneffective, although not at a pace that i want is the neutrogena acne gel. it’s at home now, i don’t have it. i’m probably gonna leave a picture here foryou guys.

i’m so tired from studying, i have to keepon studying though.

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