Acne Treatment That Actually Works

– it’s freaking ticklish. (lively guitar music) – i developed acnesophomore year of college, and it was really frustrating. college was when everybodywas already finished with their acne, i neverhad it through high school. and then i just randomly got it. – i had regular teen acnewhen i was in high school, and then i hit 25 andit was like an entirely

different beast. – so, when i started todevelop acne around sophomore in college, it was profusely agitating. – i’m super self-conscious about this, being in front of acamera, not wearing makeup, just showing what my skin looks like, be open about having this conversation that so many people that deal with this. – acne definitely messedup my self-esteem,

cuz when i was talking to people, the first thing they wouldsee is something on my face. – i’m hoping i find anotherway to help my acne out. – today we’re gonna do a pineapple enzyme, and enzymes are goingto help dissolve oil, it helps open up the pores. so this is your firsttime getting a facial? – yeah. – like smoke is gonna come out?

– it’s gonna be steam. – if this was it, thiswould be great (laughs). – so i’m going to put a pineappleenzyme on you right now. it might feel a little bit tingly. – i don’t know if it feelstingly or if i’m just feeling it cuz she said it. – after that, we will do extractions. i’m just gonna cover youreyes with some little goggles. – a lot of it’s tingly, andthe extractions don’t hurt.

i think it’s a good mentalthing, cuz you’re like, oh, i’m getting fixed. – so this is a cucumberand probiotic yogurt mask. and it also has a littlebit of shea butter, so it’s gonna help moisturizein those dry spots. these are called cool globes and they’re gonna help push the mask deeper into the skin. they also help close down the pores.

– it feels like when you’re in the snow,you have wind (chuckles) on your face, it feels like that level. – that is my favorite part. it’s like cold air goingonto my skin right now and you just feel really refreshed. – how do you feel? – i feel rejuvenated (laughs). i don’t want it to end.

– i’m very relaxed right now. – i feel like my skin,i’m so afraid to touch it cuz it feels priceless. – the experience was really awesome. my skin feels a lotmore calm and refreshed. – it felt really good and super relaxing. – i thought it was gonna be painful, i thought it was going to be someone ripping stuff out of my face, but no,

it wasn’t, actually itwas really relieving. (upbeat music and vocals)

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