Acne Treatments During Pregnancy

what are the most reliable gender predictionsymptoms during pregnancy? many women believe that some of your pregnancysymptoms or the severity of these symptoms can help you predict whether you will havea son or a daughter. it is not a completely reliable method, butit may turn out to be quite fun to look at your symptoms and try to determine if youare having a boy or girl, while waiting for a method that is more reliable like an ultrasound. a pregnancy symptom that has been greatlyconnected with the gender of your baby involves cravings. it is believed that if you crave sweet thingslike chocolate the gender of the baby is most

likely female. if you are craving sour foods like lemons,then your baby is likely to be male. unfortunately, many women find themselvescraving both sour and sweet foods making it a little difficult to tell the gender of thebaby. another major symptom the women use is acne.women believe that if you break out in severe acne then you are more likely to have a girlfor a baby. however, if your acne is almost non-existent,then the baby you are going to have is probably a boy. an extremely common pregnancy sign is morningsickness. it can also be used in predicting

if your baby is male or female. if you areseverely sick, then you will be having a boy. if the sickness turns out to be mild, thenit is a girl. some people also believe that the timing ofthe sickness can also be helpful in determining the gender, whereby sickness in the morningrepresents a boy, while sickness at night represents a girl. that is pretty much all there is to know aboutgender prediction symptoms during pregnancy. when it comes to gender prediction symptomsduring pregnancy, there is not much to talk about. since there has not been any definitive scientificresearch that proves any connection to having

certain symptoms and the gender of your baby. it is still fun to try and guess anyway. youat least have a 50% chance of being right.

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