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i cleared up my melasma with the clear+ brilliant permea laser treatment here’s what my melasma looked likeseveral months ago. i had never experienced brown spots or patches likethis on my face before. so i made an appointment at union square laser dermatology in new york. i met with dr. jennifer chwalek there who immediately thought i’d make a great candidate for clear + brilliant. here’s what she had to say… there’s a wavelength on the device, the 1927 animator, that can help to break up melasma and fade it with time, but it usually requires multiple treatments. it can help to smooth out the skin. people tend to notice that their pores look a little smaller and tighter.

the texture is smoother. the tone is more even. it’s a pretty easy treatment to do. it’s like avery light fraxel, but any redness you experience after the treatment tends to resolve within usually a few hours for people. what am i going to feel during thetreatment? it feels really prickly so the firstpass or so you might not feel much with the numbing but as we continue to do more passes it’s going to feel just kind of warm and prickly. any discomfort is probably like somewhere between a 3 and a 5. ok…ok…i can handle that. are you ready?uhhh, are you ever really ready for a laser treatment? uhhh, are you ever really ready for a laser treatment??? hmm, i don’t know…

but in all honesty, this one isn’t so bad. dr. chwalek was right though, it is very prickly. but not bad, right? no. so i really didn’t talk much afterthis because i just wanted to stay really still during the treatment. clear+ brilliant is a laser although technically it’s known as a more gentlelaser. the treatment lasts around five minutes or less, covers your entire faceand creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in your skin. when it was all over i got some ice packs and post-treatment instructions for home.

this is what i looked like two weeks after my first treatment… and then a few weeks after my second treatment… and then my progress pic at three months. i couldn’t believe it myself but here’s what i looked like with only light foundationand lipstick on. in my opinion clear + brilliant is awesome. it’s worked beautifully on my melasma and now i’m hooked! that’s why i keep coming back for more. this is how much i love clear + brilliant. i’m doing the numbing.

thanks for watching.

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