Adult Acne Product

tina gougoumis: hi, my name is tina gougoumisand i’m a client here at envision acne & skin care center. before i started working withenvision acne & skin care center, i’ve been dealing with acne throughout high school andcollege, and it definitely got tremendously worst this past year. i work in new york in a corporate office,so it’s very difficult to, you know, present in meetings and have to, you know, be in frontof people when you feel that they’re only looking at your skin and your acne, and notyou. but after working with nikolett at envision, i can’t thank her enough my skin has clearedup tremendously. i feel like i finally have a skin care regimenthat i love to use, and that it really helps

me and works with my skin. i would definitelyrecommend nikolett at envision, to anyone suffering from acne. even if it’s not foracne and it’s just overall skin care, i think she’s great and i think she could definitelyhelp out anyone.

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