Annual Salary For A Lawyer

wildlife rehabilitation is just recently becominga profession. i’m a third generation rehabilitator. my grandmother did it, my mother did it. igrew up doing it. but for those of use who were doing it all these years, it was morelike a hobby. it was just something you did–you had a knack for, an affinity for, and peoplein your county knew it and brought you the animals. but it wasn’t anything that you everstudied or actually made a living at. but it has progressed now that there is researchbehind it, and there is science behind it, and studies behind it, and so it has grownto now it is a profession. and, there are now national and international organizationsthat provide training and continuing education for all of us that are actually looking todo this as a profession. that being said,

there still are not a lot of actual wildliferehabilitation facilities out there, at least in our area. we’re really about the only actualfree standing wildlife rehabilitation facility in our state. there are some that are connectedwith colleges and state parks, and they do a little bit of wildlife rehabilitation, butby and large most of the wildlife rehabilitators in our state are actually home-based rehabilitators.because in our state, we cannot charge for anything we do. we can’t even charge for oureducational programs that we do. and that may vary from state to state. different stateshave different guidelines and rules and regulations involving their permits for their wildliferehabilitation and education, but in our state we can’t do it. so we survive strictly ondonations. and so, we are the lucky ones because

we’re actually at a facility, so even thoughwe don’t get paid much we do get paid, and i would say probably a facility you’re lookingat probably around twenty thousand a year. you know, it may be up to twenty-five if you’reat an actual management of animal care. there’s just not a lot of money because you’re goingto be a nonprofit, generally, and you’re just not–the money’s just not going to be’s definitely a commitment. it’s more of a lifestyle and a passion than it is justa job. i mean, no one is in this for the money. no one. and those that are doing it out oftheir homes basically are not getting paid anything. they’re doing it out of their ownpocket a lot of the times.

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