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hi, i’m john hinman, founding attorney athinman and peck p.c. a law firm based in los angeles county california. i hear 3 questions most frequently from peoplelooking to hire a lawyer. i’ve compiled this list of these questionsand my responses to help anybody who is looking to hire an attorney. the first question is, how much is this goingto cost me? most personal injury lawyers will offer afree consultation and handle a case on a contingency fee basis. this means you do not owe anything until afterthe case has been resolved.

however, you want to make sure you fully understandthe agreement before you sign. next, you want to know if you have a legalclaim or not? it’s impossible to know that without knowingthe facts of your case. you want to come to the initial meeting withan attorney prepared to discuss everything that happened so that the attorney can fullanalyze your situation. finally, people want to know, can they representthemselves? although it is possible, i usually don’trecommend it. any injury from an accident is a legal claimand can be very complex. a lawyer can best represent your interests.

if you’re considering representing yourself,please understand that the insurance company’s goal is to minimize the value of your claim. if you have severe injuries or high medicalbills, i certainly recommend that you contact an attorney to ensure you receive fair compensation. at hinman & peck our firm is built on theprinciple that our clients well-being comes first, we take the time to carefully listento each client, give them sound legal advice and develop a strategy that is best for themand their case to ensure that they receive fair compensation. for a free consultation please click the linkbelow or visit our website,

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