At Home Blue Light Acne Treatment

– it’s amanda here fromdermaclinics and the topic for today is light therapy and skin rejuvenation. so what it light therapy andhow can it benefit your skin? light therapy is a patented medical device that uses four types ofpolarised and fractured light. the light penetrates theskin at different depths and it helps to repair yourskin at a cellular level by helping to promote theproduction of collagen and also helps to heal the skin.

it was traditionallyused to help burn victims to treat their wounds and to speed up the healing process of the burn. so light therapy isone of our most popular treatments and i’m gonna explain why. light therapy has no contraindications meaning that anybodywith any skin condition can have this treatment andthere are no side affects. it is excellent in the treatment of dry,

red, sensitised, and acne skin. so what’s the difference between light therapy and a traditional facial? light therapy is differentbecause it changes the biology of your skin by tapping into the healing potential of every single skin cell in your skin. we also use this technology in conjunction with our specialised skin care range.

and what this helps the products to do is to infuse into the skin and really to deliver results and give you the best skin you’ve ever imagined having. so if you’re curious about light therapy or you think that it mightbe suitable for your skin, click on the link belowfor more information.

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