Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

my name is eric benavides and i’m atexas criminal defense lawyer i want to talk to you today about thepossibilities of being drug tested in clients asked me all the time could i potentially be drug tested when i go tocourt and the answer is yes you could. now the chances are higher if you’re onpretrial conditions or if you’re out on a pr bond and somebody’s checking in onyou while your case is pending. you can also be sent for a drug test if you showup late to court or if you do something that causes the judge to become upsetwith you, these are bond conditions that the judge can check on. now the courtsunderstand that you could test positive

for certain drugs for up to 30 days, suchas marijuana, but they will give you time to clean up but if you test positiveafter that amount of time you run the risk of losing your bond. so the answeris yes you could potentially be drug tested, so after being arrested youshould stop using drugs because using drugs could land you in jail.

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