Austin Family Lawyer

as a divorce lawyer, i often hear "idon’t know if i can afford to get out of this marriage." i get it. emotionally andfinancially, this is one of the most stressful times of your life. that’s whywe’re willing to adapt based on the level of help you need and the fundsavailable. we have something called the flat fee divorce assist package. you payfor blocks of time to work on only the materials you need help with. this way,you can maximize your legal fees and get the most out of your money. there’s no obligation for you to continue working with us and noadditional legal fees. what i can tell you is that there’s a real peace of mindknowing what your rights are and what

your entitlements are. if nothing else,come in for a one-hour consult so you can plan your next steps and move onwith your life. if you wait and come see us months later you’re gonna be payingmuch more for someone to fix a problem that’s been building for some time

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