Austin Young Lawyers Association

has your disability claim been denied? hi, i marc whitehead, a board certified disability attorney. our law firm provides aggressive representation to disabled workers &veterans in the greater austin area, and throughout the texas hill country. when you have a valid disability claim, yet the "powers that be" unfairly deny your right to the benefits you deserve, trust our experienced attorneys who fully understand both texas and federal disability laws. we represent clients with their social security disability & veterans disability claims against the government. we also represent clients with long term disability insurance claims against insurance companies such as unum, hartford, cigna and many others. in most cases, there is no attorney fee unless we win your claim.

for more information, download our one or all of our three free ebooks: the social security disability puzzle disability insurance policies-how to unravel the mystery or veterans disability claims, strategies for a winning campaign by visiting for a free downloadable copy or call 1-800-562-9830 to discuss your particular disability issue. i’m marc whitehead. thank you for watching.

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