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ohio car accident lawyer http://www.chesterlaw.comchester law group client testimonial into by david m. chester testimonial by stacey knox, akron, ohio chester law group has been extensively activein my case representing me allowing me to continue in repairing by life. i am greatlyappreciative of their kind service and their expertise in their law practice.(see this video on the chester law group website at the settlement i received from the chesterlaw group was a substantial amount of payment for my injuries and my inconvenience of thatnight and ending up in the hospital and unable

to continue my actual daily routine. about my accident:it was a regular night and everyone was going about their hustle-and-bustle. i was coming down the street and all of asudden a person had decided that they missed a turn and turned right in front of me causinga collision, injurying me and damaging my vehicle. my car had extensive damage and blood wastrickling from my head. at the time i was wearing my seatbelt howevermy head was thrown forward and i received a laceration on my head and injury my backand neck. my vehicle was extensively damaged.

cathy from the chester law group was my representativeand contacted me immediately and continually doing my whole injuries with the accident. i would like to say that if you need representationand you want to put your trust into a law group that would firmly represent you i wouldrecommend the chester law group as a great and firm representative for you. the personal injury process is a minefieldwhere small mistakes can really end up costing you big down the line. we can help you avoidthese landmines. i encourage you to contact us at 800-218-4243 to schedule a no obligationconsultation with me or one of my lawyers at one of our many offices across the state.

if you prefer we can even come to your home.or if you prefer we can call you. just go to and fill outthe form and someone from our office will give you a call. contact us now, we can help. contact chester law group at 800-218-4243or visit our website at, ohio car accident lawyerschester law group co., lpa 430 white pond driveakron, oh 44320 330-253-5678toll free: 800-218-4243 see more of my training videos here:

ohio car accident attorney

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