Average Corporate Lawyer Salary

prosecutors in criminal cases for exampleare paid by the government, a salary. lawyers who defend criminal cases are paid by theirclients or in certain cases, if they’re public defenders, they’re also paid by the government.civil lawyers on the plaintiff side, that is the people bringing the law suit, are oftenpaid when they win and not if they don’t and defense lawyers in civil law suits are paidby the client. in terms of what you can earn there are some lawyers that can make millionsbecause of the cases they have. there are other lawyers such as legal aid lawyers whomake a relatively small salary that they have simply chosen to do that. it can run fromtwenty or thirty thousand dollars a year to a great deal more. some people come out oflaw school and go to work for law firms that

pay substantial amounts of money for the topgrade associates. other lawyers go out on their own or in small operations and don’thave a great client base to start with, and that has to build up. once again, it can rangefrom thirty thousand dollars a year to over a hundred, if you go to new york city or losangeles or a place like that where the prices are very competitive. there are more and morepeople going to law school and of those obviously a certain percentage is going to go in topracticing trial law. it’s crowded but it seems like there’s always room for more andas we say the cream rises to the top.

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