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i’m here outside north sydney local court which is located at 94 pacific highway, north sydney. it’s at the intersection of the pacific highway and miller street, and to my right, across the road is greenwood plaza. if you’re coming here by public transport the best way to get here is the catch a train, get off at

north sydney station, go up each of the escalators at greenwood plaza, and when you come out of the front doors across the road you’ll see a sandy colored building with a post office on the corner. that’s the building within which this courthouse is located. now it comprises of two courtrooms. the main courtroom is on the ground level, that’s

courtroom number one. that deals with most of the court cases, sometimes courtroom two on the first level is open and that normally deals with hearing matters, so matters that go to a defendant hearing when the witness has come to court and the magistrate decides whether you are guilty or whether you are not guilty. now if it’s your first time

in court, you should come to the courthouse, go through this corridor, turn right. now on the wall you’ll see a list of court matters, your name should be on that court list. normally the court will open at 9.30am. when you walk in see someone’s sitting down at a small table that is the person who you should approach and you should say to that person your name and whether

you wish to plead guilty, whether you wish to plead not guilty, or whether you want an adjournment. so as i’ve said that person will be sitting down at a small table and that is the person who registers matters. they’re not always here, but if they are approach that person, that person will be able to mark on the court papers what you are going to do in

your case. those papers will be brought before the magistrate in court. now sydney criminal lawyers have been in this courthouse for many years we used to be located in chatswood, which is only a few suburbs away from this courthouse, and since that time we consistently can appear in this courthouse, we’re familiar with the magistrates here, we get a lot

of very good results in this courthouse. if you wish to arrange a conference with a senior criminal lawyer from sydney criminal lawyers you can call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 02 9261 8881. so whether you’re matter is a drink driving matter, an avo matter, an assault matter, a drug possession or whatever else it may be we

can help you in north sydney local court.

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