B5 Acne Treatment

potato remedies for pimples and acne and howto remove scars left being by it. well, we are going to explore this in thisvideo. you might have heard that if you have pimples,you should not take potato. the statement is partially true and is a mythtoo. if you eat cooked potatoes that are soakedin oil then it is harmful. however, in raw form, it is beneficial forboth external and internal uses. let us explore the benefits of potatoes incuring acne and pimples. potato chips, french fries, and similar fooditems are bad for your health in general and skin in particular.

when potatoes are fried, nearly all its nutrientsare gone. however, in the raw state, it possesses immensehealth benefits for skin conditions like pimples. potato contains b vitamins and minerals inhigh amounts. lack of selenium, zinc, vitamins a and e arelinked with pimples problem. potatoes also contain a high amount of vitaminc which helps in giving youthful look to the skin. vitamin c also helps in fighting against acnecysts. potatoes also contain antioxidants which helpin reducing the inflammation and eruption of pimples.

some of the top nutrients of potato are copper,manganese, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur chloride, vitamin b3, vitamin b5, vitaminb6, and vitamin c. eating it is going to help as it replenishesthe body with nutrients required to prevent the eruptions. it further helps in improving the qualityof skin cells, reduces inflammations and minimizes the breakouts. remember to have potatoes with skin intactas much of its nutrients are present in the you can eat baked, oven dried potatoes for2 to 3 weeks and the breakouts would reduce significantly.

you could also take sweet potatoes which arerich in vitamin a once a week. sweet potatoes contain a high amount of skinhealing nutrients. this remedy should be administered when youget an early sign that a pimple is coming out. slice a piece of potato and place it overthe eruption for 5 minutes. it will make a pimple heal faster and alsoreduce swelling and redness. once a pimple is gone, make use of its juice. you can make juice by putting the potato inthe blender. take 3 parts of potato juice and 1 part oflemon juice.

rub this mixture over the face. this would bring back glow on your face andfade the acne scar. in case you have large pimples you could usethis recipe. mix ground nutmeg in potato juice. apply this paste on the pimples before bedin the night. wash it off next morning. it would reduce the size of a pimple and itwill start to fade. to get rid of acne and pimple marks, use apotato with tomato. tomato contains lycopene which helps in fadingthe marks.

potato helps in lightning the darkness leftbehind by pimples. make a mixture by mixing both juices. dab it over the acne marks. keep it overnight. next day morning wash it off. repeat till the marks fade. there might be small itching when applyingpotato paste or juice on the skin which is natural. if the itching increases, see a doctor.

due to the presence of enzyme catecholase,potatoes have the ability to lighten skin tone. the pimple scars and blemishes could be lightenedby applying the juice for 15 minutes every day. you could also use potato juice for a dailyfacial rinse.

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