Baltimore Truck Accident Lawyer

have you or a loved one recently been involved in an auto collision caused by a big truck near, columbia or anywhere in the midlands in south carolina? if so we’re here to help. i’m attorney george sink my firm has fought for injured, south carolinians for over thirty-five years. it’s what we do it’s all we do our first step is to find out who is at fault determining the cause of a trucking accident, south carolina can be very complicated some typical causes of trucking accidents are as follows a sleepy or inattentive driver jackknifing or braking problems it’s important to know that commercial vehicles are heavily regulated by the federal and the state government, so you should contact an experienced attorney to get the information that you’ll need don’t get stuck with medical bills lost income and pain and suffering that could last for years

let us deal with the paperwork insurance adjusters and all the red tape that stand between you and the money you deserve we know how to fight as a captain in the marine corps. i served two tours in vietnam i fought for our country, then and will fight for you now if you’re hurt. we’ll fight for you if you’ve been hurt in an accident involving a big truck or other commercial vehicle call george sink injury lawyers at 8:03 seven 24350 one that’s eight oh three seven 24350 one for a free case review george sink injury lawyers the experience you’re after to help get your money faster

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