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ohio wrongful death lawyer david m. chester chester law group what is a wrongful death claim in ohio? i begin our discussion about wrongful deathclaims by discussing what exactly wrongful death claims are. perhaps you are familiarwith the term wrongful death. a wrongful death claim is an injury claimusually brought by a family member on behalf of the family for the emotional pain and sufferingthe family has suffered because of the death of their loved one. it is called �wrongful� because anotherparty did something wrong to the deceased

to cause him or her to die. the family member who brings the claim forother family members is called the executor if a will exists or personal representativeif there is no will. the family members who have been injured arecalled beneficiaries of the wrongful death claim. the personal representative representsthe financial interests of the beneficiaries. a wrongful death claim should not be confusedwith a survivor claim. a survivor claim is a claim brought on behalfof the deceased family member for the pain and suffering the deceased may have sufferedbefore they died. it includes pain, suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and these damagesare an asset of the estate and are distributed

according to the will or if no will, an ohiolaw called the probate code�s intestacy statute. the wrongful death claim, in contrast, doesnot belong to the estate but is brought by the executor if a will exists or personalrepresentative if no will for the benefit of beneficiaries and damages are paid directlyto family member beneficiaries. the survivor claim arises when the deceasedperson knew they were about to die or suffered after the accident but before they died. these legal terms are confusing as the wrongfuldeath claim belongs to those family members who did not die and the survivor claim isan asset of the estate of the deceased family

member who did not survive. odd but true. these terms have little meaning to the averageperson, but it is important to be at least familiar with them. they do lead us into adiscussion of the types of claims that must be investigated and potentially brought afterthe death of a loved one. get free book entitled "losing someone youlove" an ohio family’s guide to wrongful death. 800-218-4243 ohio wrongful death lawyer, ohio wrongfuldeath attorney

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