Bankruptcy Lawyers In Atlanta Ga

hello my name’s matthew cherney. attorneyand owner of cherney law firm in marietta, your vehicle in danger of being repossessed? or has it been repossessed? my firm canhelp you. over the years i’ve helped thousands ofclients deal with vehicle repossession oftentimes it’s unexpected expenses thatcause someone to fall behind on their vehicle payments. the issue isn’t always making thepayments going forward it’s getting the monies together to catchthe payments up.

before you know it you may be in dangerhaving your vehicle possessed. and we all know that here ingeorgia especially vehicles are essential. most people don’t know that a chapter 13bankruptcy can prevent a creditor from repossessing your vehicle if you’ve fallenbehind on the payments. a chapter 13 allows you to propose a plan to pay back the amount owed on your vehicleover a three to five year period. you may be able to pay back less thanwhat you actually owe the vehicle depending upon when thevehicle was purchased. not only can

chapter 13 prevent a vehicle creditorfrom repossessing your vehicle but it can also assist you in gettingyour vehicle back it’s already been repossessed. if that’s the case you need to actquickly. if you’ve fallen behind on your vehicle payments or your vehicle has already beenrepossessed please contact my office i offer a free consultation and i’mhappy to speak with you about your options.

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