Best Acne Cream

– this is what dreams are made of. hillary duff was wrong. (playful music) over the next two weeksi will be micro-rolling. micro-rolling is this circular tool with lots of tiny needles on it. it’s good for fine lines or textured skin like pock marks and hyperpigmentation. – i had pretty bad acne in high school

up until the end of college. – acne has always been a problem for me. almost any picture i see of myself, all i can see is these red marks. – i feel like there’s nohope for it at this point. if these pock marks go awaythat’ll be interesting. – i just feel i can hope this works. – the first step is to wash your face, so i’m gonna go do that.

– my face is cleansed. step 2 after cleanse is apply a serum. – i’m not used to so many accessories. i’m just gonna concentratereally on these areas here. – now it’s time to roll. – a bunch of tiny needles on here. i think i’m just gonna try it. – you can definitely feel the needles. – it doesn’t hurt, it feels kinda good.

– once you forget that you’repunching a million holes into your skin. – i think i’m done in termsof the areas i want to cover. now for some more magic serum. – now i just feel likei’m doing an art project. – alright, think i got all the spots. am i pretty yet? (relaxed music) – i feel very happy and accomplished now

that i’ve done it once. i’m really excited to see ifthis improves the condition of my skin over the next two weeks. – it seems like it’s gonna be worth it. – i know how insane it sounds and it’s only been like 36 hours, but it looks better to me. it’s probably because i justreally want it to look better. – serum first.

(rock and roll music) – really gonna concentrate on this part. – think i’m gonna try my nose this time. what if this really didclear up my face completely? what a (bleep) game changer. – so at fist i couldn’t tell if the scars actually looked better or if it was just psychosomatic, but i think they’ve actuallygotten a little smoother.

my wife kate seems to think so. – i just said that i thought your face, this side looked smoother. – [jared] do you think it looks smoother? (toddler screams) – [jared] no i guess not. (woman laughs) – the two week challenge is almost done. this side has lightened up quite a lot. i’m gonna micro-roll this morning.

mom, what do you think of the condition of my skin right now? – your acne scars arepaler, they’re lighter. i noticed that already today. – alright, so i’ve done twoweeks of micro needling. you can still see the scars and this light is actuallymaking it look a lot worse, but i think it looks better. – so after seeing the after photos,

it actually looks a littlebetter than i though it did, particularly under makeupit is way less noticeable. i think that over time it would probably lighten up even more. – [jared] my wife kate notices and she likes it, so that works for me. i really feel like it’sbetter than before. – i’m glad i micro-rolled and i think i’ll continue micro-rolling

at least for a few more weeks to see if it could get even better. – my verdict: thumbs up. (techno music)

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