Best Acne Removal Product

hi everyone. this is yasuko and it’s timefor massage monday. this week i’m going to show the acupressure points for pimples andacnes. the first ones are under the eyes. when youlook straight in front of you they are under the pupils of your eyes right on the cheekbone. about a finger width from the eye socket. these are called stomach 2. gently press thesepoints perpendicular to the cheek bone. the next set of point are about an inch belowthose points. these are called stomach 3. it’s on the edge of the cheek bone. pressthem gently slightly upward into the cheek bone. they are still under the pupils of youreyes. these are good for improving the circulationand metabolism on your face and clearing the

blemishes and acnes. the third set of points are behind the ears.behind the earlobe there is a bone. this is called mastoid process. there’s a depressionbehind it. this is called gall bladder 12. this point is good for regulating the excessoil production which can be the cause of the pimples and acnes. i like to press this pointby resting the elbow on the armrest and just lean into it one side at a time. press these points for one minute as you breathedeeply as you watch other youtube videos. also good are the acupressure points for constipationbecause they help eliminate the waste out of your system. you can learn those pointsin this video.

thanks for watching. i’ll see you back nextweek. make it a great week. please feel free to comment below and please don’t forget tosubscribe.

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