Best Acne Scar Treatment

[music]hello, i’m dr. neal schultz [pause] and welcome to dermtv. despite good hygiene and even despite gooddermatologic care, people with acne sometimes still get acne scars and theyask me, "what can i do to get rid of them?" first and most importantly,we have to get your acne under control. there is no point in treating oldacne scars if you are still getting breakouts of bad cysts which is whatnew scars usually come from. assuming that your acne has come under controlthere are two types of acne

scars that people get. first is called an "ice pick scar" becausethe shape of the scar almost looks like an ice pick has pierced the an example [dr. schultz holds up a cone-shaped disposable drinkingcup] this drinking cup is very tapered and angular and deep compared to thewidth. so ice pick scars tend to be deep and angular and the only way toreally get rid of them is by cutting them out. two weeks ago a patientof mine with both types of scars came in to have twenty-two ice pick scarscut out. it was an hour procedure, a little bit of local anesthesia,one or two tiny plastic

surgery stitches, and a week later they healedbeautifully and he is very happy. really, that is the only way to treatthose types of scars. when you have the more common shallow "craterscars", they are much wider than they are deep, and these scars can betreated in several different ways. temporarily, fillers can be injectedunder the skin to lift up the bottom of the scar to make it flat. the fillerscan be permanent, or they can be temporary depending on what you andyour doctor decide to use. if they are temporary, they probably need tobe freshened up and retreated every three to twelve months. but there arealso procedures that will get

rid of these types of scars permanently. theyare called ablated procedures. we used to do dermabrasion forthat but today instead we usually use laser procedures that ablate orremove the upper layers of skin. it does cause about ten days of downtime during which time the skin has to heal and reform and it looks like youhave a really bad sunburn during that period. it is a time where youwould not be going to work. after the procedure is done and the skin hashealed (in about ten days to two weeks), you will have pinkness for abouta month to two months which is easily covered by makeup. but, most importantly,you then have permanent

improvement if not curing of the crater typescars. so the good news is if your acne is finished,it is time to fix your scars and depending on the type of scars you have,there are procedures that will remove them and put a smile on your face.

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