Best Acne Treatment At Home

if you’re a teen suffering from acneyou’re certainly not alone acne affects teenagers of all race gender and originit is estimated that at least 90% of adolescents suffer from episodes of acnetoday’s video will discuss best acne treatment for men and women before youwatch this video please take a moment to subscribe our youtube channel byclicking the subscribe button then tap the bell icon so you will be the firstto know when we post new videos daily one potatoes what you need a raw potatowhat you need to do one just rub a slice of raw potato or apply its juice on youracne marks to get clear skin – you can also grate a raw potato and rub the pulpon your face 3 let it dry for a few

minutes and then wash the juice off withwarm water how often should you do this follow this remedy for at least twoweeks to prevent pimples and zits from erupting why this workspotatoes lightening clear pimple marks due to their bleaching properties 2turmeric and mint 1 teaspoon turmeric powder 1/2 tablespoon mint juice whatyou need to do 1 mix turmeric powder and mint juice and apply the paste on youracne scars to keep it on for 20 minutes and wash with warm water how oftenshould you do this apply this paste wiese a week for best results why thisworks turmeric has antibacterial properties and mint has healingproperties therefore your pimple marks

will heal very fast 3 baking soda whatyou need 1 tablespoon baking soda water what you need to do 1 mix a tablespoonof baking soda and a few drops of water in a bowl to massage this paste on thescar with your finger 3 leave it on for several minutes and then wash it offwith cold water how often should you use this whenever you notice any scar orsymptoms of act skaars you can apply this paste why thishelps baking soda helps in fading stubborn acne scars it is really goodfor exfoliation and helps to shut damaged skin and encourage new skingrowth it also has anti-inflammatory propertiesthat lessen the redness and irritation

caused due to acne which method do youfind the best to treat acne let me know in our comment section below if youliked this video give it a thumbs up and share with your friends for more dailytips subscribe to our channel below thank you

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