Best Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

why is my face breaking out during pregnancy?i feel like a teenager again, except allowed to be pregnant. i think three out of four women develop aline on their stomach because the pregnancy causes the melanin levels to spike. a smallernumber develop dark patches on their face for the same reason. this is not due to melanin production. thisis acne. a lot of people talk about that pregnancyglow. i’ve been told i have that. while your body is putting out extra oilsthat make your hair thicker or greasier, depending

on your natural state, it puts out more oilon your skin, too. oil in and of itself does not always meanacne. another question is how often you’re sittingon the couch in sweats unwilling to get up and do anything. you may just need to getup and shower more often. i will only get that lazy after i’m up at2, 4, 6 and 8 feeding a baby. some of this acne is blamed on the androgensthat make your glands bigger and increase production of sebum or oil, along with theprogesterone that makes your muscles relax, leading to more farting and burping. now i do not know whether or not to be gladi’ve got acne.

you cannot do anything to make the pores smaller,but you can wash your face more often, do not scrub it with a wash cloth that irritatesthings, and do not use oily moisturizer. i do not need moisturizer. if you wear makeup, do not wear make up thatcan clog the pores. that means using water based makeup or go all natural. that’s not a pretty sight. so make sure the make up is washed off thoroughlybefore crashing for the night, as well as making sure you do not overheat at night. with all the extra bodily fluids sloshingaround, i do not have problems keeping warm;

it is more a matter of keeping cool. so drink more water, wear fewer layers andperhaps stay out of the sun and more in the shade – or in the air conditioning. then you’ll sweat less, and perhaps seeless acne. all i need is for others to see less acne. there are over the counter treatments youcan take to try to control the acne, but talk to the doctor before taking anything. it seems like i cannot take anything thesedays.

there are acne treatments that cause birthdefects, so do not take even a regimen you used before pregnant to control the to the doc first.

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