Best Acne Treatment For Adults

foods to avoid for no acne 1. cow milk cow milk shoot blood sugar up high which cancause inflammation that leads to acne or pimples. milk leads to growth in hormones introducing overgrowth of skin cell that can blocked the pores causing acne. 2. sugar, candy bar, sugar drinks the amount of sugar will shoot your bloodsugar level up high causing pimples. try to lower you sugar intake and you can see the difference of acne gone fast. 3. high glycemic foods white bread, process cereals, white rice,potato chips, cookies, cakes.

they can rise your insulin and blood sugar level causing inflammation and fluctuate hormones leading to acne. 4. junk foods junk foods can cause fluctuation of hormone and rise of blood sugar level try to avoid junk foods to get rid of acne. 5. fast foods greasy fast foods will leads to body inflammation inflammation will makes your pimples pop up more. foods to eat to remove acne 1. fish and nuts

salmon and walnuts, great in omega 3 fatty acid helps to reduce inflammation that slow acne breakouts. 2. green tea green tea detoxing to help fight against acne. it contain powerful antioxidant to keep your skin healthy. 3. oysters is natural foods contain zinc mineral thathelps to reduce effect of pimples. 4. colourful juice or green vegetables green leaf vegetables helps to clear bodytoxins which can help keeps acne away. orange and carrots contain beta carotene to help get rid of skin oil also anti inflammation.

5. probiotics yogurt, dark chocolate, kimchi, pickles, and miso soup. they helps to get rid of inflammation in the gut (inner body) to prevent from acne breakout. they also helps to reduce pimple caused by oxidative stress with benefits of pre and probiotic. if you like this videos, please comments below for more great videos you want to watch. don’t forget to like and subscribe for more great videos for free.

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