Best Acne Treatment For Black Skin

hi guys, i welcome you to my channel simple beauty secrets. today i will tell you a remedy which will remove dark spots, black spots , acne scars and pimple marks. so lets get started. i will add one table spoon coconut oil and two table spoons of rose water. then mix both the ingredients friends if you want to support me then do click the subscribe button. this tip is very beneficial , for your dead skin this mixture will bring new & baby soft skin. this new skin will be white and soften just like fresh skin.

you have to apply this mixture on dark spots for 30 mins. you don’t have to spend money on medicines and doctor’s fees. just use this remedy for a month and see the results. i am not against doctors as i am a doctor myself. but if one can solve this issue at home why should we spend money on it . massage the oil as i am showing it to you. you will see the difference just after 3 days. you must try this tip and like and share my video. till then bye bye

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