Best Acne Treatment For Teens

today i’m going to showyou a couple of ways to help avoid shaving irritationif you have acne or oily skin. please note, if you have severe acnethat’s heavily inflamed or infected you should consult a dermatologist. many pimples andinflammations are caused by sebum, a natural oilproduced by your skin. problems develop when the oils onyour skin combine with dead skin cells and clog your pores. this can lead to infections that swelland then get nicked when you shave.

so to get the most comfortable shaveyou got to control these excess oils. and that starts withproperly washing the area to be shaved, in thiscase your face and neck. the key to a good washis a facial wash or scrub that will not only cleanbut also exfoliate, getting rid of the dead skinand oils that clog your pores. apply the product to your hands andwork it gently into your face and neck. as you do your hair’s willsoften, making them easier to cut and less prone to uncomfortabletugging when you share.

after rinsing off your face you maywant to further hydrate your hair by splashing your faceand neck with warm water, or by soaking a towel withwarm water and holding it against your skin forup to three minutes. now that your face is clean and wellhydrated it’s time to apply shave gel. but not just any shaving cream will do. choosing the shave gelthat’s right for you is key. if your combating oilyskin or acne you’ll want to use a shave gel designedspecifically to remove dirt and oil.

take a moment to check thepimple prone areas of your skin. rub the shave gel into an evenlather over your beard and neck. now you’re ready to start shaving. when shaving over the templeprone areas of your skin use a multi-blade razor likethis one that has blades spaced closely together. the closer the blades,the less opportunity for skin to get caughtbetween the blades. use light strokes and avoid goingover pimples more than once or twice.

make sure that yourblade’s good and sharp. a dull blade is morelikely to nick pimples. so if you feel tugging or discomfortconsider swapping your blade out for a new one. or if you have an indicator stripon the back of your razor check to see if it’s faded to white. a white strip means that your bladehas dulled and may need replacing. shave in the direction thatyou’re most comfortable with. many guys feel that first shavingwith the grain of your hair, that

is in the directionthat your hair grows, and then following up withstrokes in the opposite direction provides the closest, smoothest shave. however, since facial hair tendsto grow in different directions you’ll almost always be shavingboth with and against the grain. an advanced razor likethis one will deliver a close shave even against the grain. finish by rinsing your face with water. try finishing off your shavewith a light moisturizer

or aftershave product tocalm and comfort skin. a good moisturizer willleave skin soft and smooth and help maintain the skin’snatural moisture barrier. and there you have it. no cuts. no nicks. feels good, doesn’t it? so let’s recap. wash and hydrate your hair.

use the right shave gel. use a multi-blade razor. and apply moisturizer. thanks for watching. and be sure to check out our othervideos for more tips and information.

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