Best Acne Treatments For Teenagers

– peace out acne dots. here it… dropped ’em. – they’re stickers thatyou put on your pimples. – i found this on yasamine’s desk. and i know she’s making a video about it, and i want to use one. – after cleansing, applya dot, tacky side down, on your blemish.

for best results, wear for six hours or simply leave it on overnight. – after 10 years of pubescent pain, it’s time to start something new. (happy music) kind of feels plasticky. we got one over here, and i’m just gonna put justa whole trail over here, just in case.

– as you can see, i have one little pimple right here. – i have a pimple right here. it’s raised and it hurts. i’m in your video now, yas. – okay, added a couple. gonna add the last one, i guess, there.

sure. i mean, whatever, there’s a billion. six hours or however long i sleep for, and then, take them off and see if it worked. – i’m hoping that by tomorrow morning, it at least doesn’t hurt, and when i get the kindof pimples that hurt, they hurt for days,

and if i could just stickone of these on my face and know that in the morning, it wouldn’t be painful, that’d be worth the money. – i’m very shocked and impressed that the dot has stayed on my face. however, it hurts so much more than it did yesterday. – we are going to see how thepeace out acne stickers did.

all right. the moment of truth. – ow. oww. – so, it’s very smooth, and on this, is like a little scab of what my pimple used to be. – i feel like the swelling went down. this one, remember, it waslike kind of ready to pop.

this one definitely went down. – it looks literally no different. i’m so disappointed. – overall, they work pretty good. this was a big pimple, and now it’s got… it hurt went you take’em off a little bit, obviously they’re sticky, and i would recommend this, and also use them again.

they’re not bad.

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