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acne itself is embarrassing enoughunfortunately once it heals it leaves behind scars that are very difficult toremove and these can cause just as much self-consciousness as the originalblemishes there are plenty of commercial creams that claim they can erase scarsand dark spots but they’re expensive and often ineffective and they containchemicals that can cause further damage to skin today’s video will discuss howto acne scar treatment with tea tree oil before you watch this video please takea moment to subscribe our youtube channel by clicking the subscribe buttonthen tap the bell icon so you will be the first to know when we post newvideos daily

don’t bother with those instead try teatree oil it’s natural affordable and effective and we’re about to tell youexactly how to use it first take a look at why it works does tea tree oil workfor acne scars one research indicates the tea tree oil license acne scars andscars from injuries without causing unwanted side effects 2 tea tree oilcontains curcumin for an antimicrobial component that kills the bacteria thatcause acne 3 tea tree oil heals wounded skin 4 itmoisturizes and restores the skins natural oil balance 5 tea tree oilpenetrates deep into pores to remove toxins and prevent the clogging thatcauses acne and lightens the scars 6 tea

tree oil reduces inflammation andremoves dead skin cells to minimize cars how to use tea tree oil to minimize acnescars tea tree oil is extremely potent it should be used in combination withother natural ingredients that keep skin healthy and lighten scars and it shouldbe used in small amounts try all the methods below until you find the onethat works best for you one tea tree oil with extra virgin olive oiloil purifies pores and moisturizes skin one mix two drops of tea tree oil withone tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to apply mixture to clean skin and leaveon 10 minutes three wyckoff with tissues for repeat daily to diluted tea tree oilone mix 1/2 teaspoon of tea tree oil

with two teaspoons of water to apply toclean skin and leave on a few hours or overnight 3 rinse with water and pat dryfor applying natural moisturizer like organic coconut oil 5 repeat daily toget rid of acne scars how you treat your acne scars let me know in our commentsection below if you liked this video give it a thumbsup and share with your friends for more daily tips subscribe to our channelbelow thank you

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