Best Back Acne Treatment

wondering why in the world you have been plaguedwith that acne on your back? my name is keeley selvage with keeley skin solutions and i’mgoing to tell you what causes back acne. the first thing that you want to consider is thata lot of times when we sweat the sweat does tend to linger on the back and that can causeback acne. the bacteria. another thing that can cause it is when you wash your hair, youwash and you rinse out that shampoo and all the dirt and residue goes down on your back.that can happen with conditioner too, the oils from the conditioner can cause back acne,a way that you can avoid that is make sure that you wash your back last. after you washyour hair and condition it. another thing that you want to consider is that a lot oftimes when our body gets rid of toxins, it

chooses just about wherever it wants, it canbe the chest, the face, or even the back. so think about what you’re doing on the inside.what are you eating? is it a lot of fried foods, refined sugars? stay away from productsthat have yeast in them, like dairy products, white flour. and those things can also causeacne anywhere on the body. so those are just a few things that you want to avoid, makesure that you’re drinking plenty of water, so that your body can get rid of the toxinsin a better way, and that should help you at least get you on your way to clearing upthat back acne. my name is keeley selvage with keeley skin solutions and that is whatcauses back acne.

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