Best Product For Acne

– hello and welcome to my face. this is my cheek full of acne. and that is the pimplethat we will be targeting. (pop music) so i guess i’m trying this lighttherapy acne spot treatment by neutrogena, which is acompany that i generally trust. – i’m pretty excited about it. i’m a person who doeshave problematic skin. – all of my acne appearsright on this cheek.

– i recently like saw adermatologist, and they set me up on a whole regimen. i was on antibiotics for like months. – past treatments that i’ve tried. everything you can imagine. facials, oral pills, topicals. – light therapy is clinically proven, and dermatologists use it.

and the energy from the redand blue lights target acne causing bacteria to reducethe appearance of breakouts. we’re gonna see what she can do. – press and hold the powerbutton until it beeps once to begin your treatment. – i’ve got a little guy coming on my chin. so let’s start with this. – definitely makes me feellike things are happening. – little party on my face.

– it’s already really fun. i’m easily entertained. – this wasn’t a big pimple. it was a little small but definitely red. definitely a thing thatcould get worse over night. it’ll beep twice to letme know when it’s over. (device beeps) that was two beeps. – oh, it’s done.

– now the redness isgoing away a little bit. – that was only one treatment, and it needs three to do the job. – i decided to try to figure out how to multi-task my two minutes. – i will say it’s a littleannoying that the stick doesn’t come with a lidbecause anywhere i throw it, then it’s just gonna kindagather like bacteria and dirt. – i can almost like i’mlike oh, i can feel it.

it doesn’t hurt or anything. – she’s done. – i’ve just washed my face, and my skin looks pretty good actually. – well, we’ve one moretreatment in the day. we’ll see if it’s any different by then. it’s time for my third treatment. so let’s do it. – and so, i’m gonna use this on a bunch

of different parts of my face tonight. i’ve got like something’s going on there. something going on there. – don’t know if i’m feeling something because i’m pressing something against it or ’cause the lights areactivating things deep in my skin. – it’s not the most efficient use of time. but if you are a person whoonly gets like one pimple at a time like good for you,

and you should definitely try this. if you have acne thatis more like all over, it like it coulddefinitely get frustrating. – now i have a solid border around the giant pimple on my cheek. – on a scale of like one to 10, honestly, i thought it was pretty good. like i give it like maybe a seven. – maybe this pen is justto distract from the pimple

and bring attention tothe border it creates around the pimple. that would be special. so yeah, definitely no change as of now. – it was subtle, and i stillthought that it worked. (light music)

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