Best Spot Acne Treatment

yay hey guys welcome back to my channeltoday i woke up with a huge pimple on my forehead and i really don’t wanna havethis during summer so i’m going to share with you three steps of how to reducepimple redness inflammation to the next day don’t forget to subscribe if youlike this content give me a thumbs up and let’s get into the video first thingwe need to do and it works for me all the time is to use a cold compress onthe skin to calm down the inflammation if you don’t have a compress you canuse some ice cubes but always make sure this doesn’t touch your skin so wrap itin a clean towel or a paper towel hold it for about 5 minutes to relieve theswelling on the skin second step is kind

of optional but i’d love to do it wewanted to make sure this area is free to bacteria and dirt you need a few dropsof lime juice and honey mix it all togetherand with a q-tip grab a little bit of the mix put it right on the pimple andleave it for five minutes last step is putting some toothpaste on the pimpleand going to bed this is my own hack that i’ve been doing since i was ateenager and he always worked overnight this is a spot treatment that it willdry the pimple so do not apply this as a mask guys don’t no skin regenerates andat night take some time before going to bed to do these three steps and you will seeless redness and inflammation next day i

hope you guys subscribe if you like thiscontent and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up if you like this video andi’ll see you next time pura vida!

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