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the treatment with isotretinoin or also knowas accutane, has become extremely controversial. i grew up as a dermatologistafter accutane has already been on the market for a short periodof time. and i can absolutely attest to the fact that accutane works. iapologize for using the trade name all the time but that’s what most peopleare equate with the actual use of this word. so, accutane is a medicationthat has the ability in about 75 percent of all people who take it,to stop the acne once and for good. yes, there are 25 percent in whom itdoes not work this way, it only reduces the acne. there are very, very rarescenarios in which it actually

even fails, but as i said, 75 percent of allpeople who take one course of accutane, will no longer have acne in theirlife. accutane works by a couple of different mechanisms,and it has become a focus point in the media because of its oneextremely important side effect. what does accutane do? well, it doesn’tonly stop acne. if you are a woman and you are pregnant and you are exposedto accutane by taking it, chances are that unborn will develop birthdefects. there is absolutely no reason to think that if you’re a woman andyou take accutane and you become pregnant, at some point of time down the roadthat there will be any birth

defects. it is a teratogenic agent, it meansyou have to pregnant and take accutane in order to develop that. that haslead the media, the lawyers, and social groups to believe that accutanecan do so many other dreadful things. yes, it’s a medication that’s highly monitoredbecause potentially anybody could become pregnant. there are so many safeguardsin place and we find ourselves more and more prepared in prescribingaccutane. but let me tell you, it is one of the best monitored requires blood test every month. it requires office visits beforeyou can even get your new

prescription. but because of all that safeguardingput in place, it is actually one of the safest medications. womanneed to have pregnancy tests every month, including two tests even beforethe start of the treatment that are one month apart. and the treatmentcourse is usually five to six months. most people are done in five monthsof treatment. and you must not become pregnant when you are a women for themonths there after but after that pregnancy is absolutely safe and there’sno risk of developing birth defects. accutane is a total life saver forso many people with sever cystic acne. it is usually an insurance coveredservice, unlike

photodynamic therapy, which is still not regarded,however may come in the future. accutane treatment makes it possibleto avoid scarring acne as long as the scars have not deeply formed. however,it may even undo some of the freshly formed, very recent scars.

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