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hi guys, how are you guys doing? so todayi’m going to be talking about what i use to brighten up my facial skin because theface is the first thing people notice about you baby, so you have to care for your face,ok? my mom was the one that actually introducedme to these two things, she was like, you have to always exfoliate and you have to exfoliatewith these things. the first one is the skin brightening facial scrub by clean & clear,it’s called morning burst, this stuff just wakes up your skin. it contains [0:54] andpapaya which makes sense because those are the products that i used as a more naturalskin brightener or skin lightener even. the second one is the skin brightening facialcleanser, ok? so those are the things you

can buy at wal-mart, [1:14], online, it’spretty accessible, it’s pretty cheap, so yeah these things really work well, don’tunderestimate things you get on wal-mart. it wakes up your skin and if you use it overtimeyou’ll start noticing that your skin is bright, it gives this youthful look to yourskin. when i’m done with that what i use on myface next is the monotone spot remover, ok? this i use on mostly my spots, my dark spots[1:51], on my fore head, by the sides of my face. sometimes i just put a little bit onmy moisturizer and just rub it all over my face because… i don’t know, i probablyshouldn’t do it but i do it because i just want to save time. i really love this notjust because it treats dark spots but because

it gives you this youthful l glow, ok? don’toverdo it as usual, just use as much as you think you need. it comes in a small containerso you cannot bathe yourself in it, it’s called menotone face cream multi action spotremover for a healthier younger look. seriously this thing gives you like this glow, likethis youthful glow, honestly. so yeah that’s what i use to brighten my facial skin. myfacial skin is like brighter than the test of my body which i’m not mad about, that’show it’s supposed to be, i think. alright guys, have a great rest of the week. take care, bye.

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