Causes Of Acne In Adults

[music]hello, i’m dr. neal schultz [pause] and welcome to dermtv. in the past ten or fifteen years there’sbeen a significant increase in the incidence of acne in adult women. i’m talkingabout women in their 20’s, 30’s and even into their early 40’s. that’snot to say that there’s been any decrease in teenage acne but there doesseem to be a significant increase. so we want to know, what’s different,what’s changed, that enables or causes acne to stretch out intothe 40’s? we think there are

three factors responsible. the first is airpollution and there are a lot of different types but i’m talking aboutlittle particles of air pollution, the type that cause you to see haze in thesky. those little particles come from exhaust from automobiles and trucks,they come from soot, they come from things that are burning and they comefrom factory chimneys. those little particles when they touch your skin,your facial skin which has oil on it, they just absorb right onto the oil.that helps to clog pores. then if you rub or wipe your skin that drives themin even deeper and that’s a really important cause of clogged pores. thesecond cause has to do with

make-up and skin care products, everyday even has its own name, this type of acne, we call it acne cosmeticaand it simply comes from using products that are too heavy for youroil and water skin type. it’s very important to know what yours is and toknow what products aren’t too heavy because if they are they’re goingto cause clogging and really unnecessary acne. the third cause has to dowith stress and it’s probably the most important one. we’re talking aboutmore and more women being in the workplace and it seems like the stressesof the workplace are different from the traditional stresses of child addition to that a lot

of these women are working and raising familiesso that’s double stress. these stresses which seem to be differentjust have a different effect on skin and they seem to be more important incausing acne. the good news is this type of acne responds to regular acnetreatments and it’s very easy to control.

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