Clear Now Acne Treatment Reviews

hello everyone! today i’m going to be reviewingthe neutrogena three-step complete acne therapy system that i bought at cvs for about $ first i want to show you the acne that i do have. my complexion is slightly oilyand i have a few blemishes here and there. so let’s get started. for step one i’ll beusing the skin polishing acne cleanser, which has salicylic acid as the main active ingredient.and what is also great about this stuff is that it smells really refreshing and it willhelp to clear breakouts and smooth out your skin. and then i have to wipe my face to getready for the next step. next, i’ll be using the neutrogena acne control lotion. this willwork to eliminate any bacteria that’s on your face. it’s super gentle on your skin and ijust spread it around my affected areas and

any blemishes that i have. step three is theoil-free lotion that also contains spf 15 which i love. it really feels hydrating andi just put a thin layer all over my face. in contrast, the proactive system does notinclude a day lotion that has an spf in it. hey you guys so it has been one month sincei started my trial with the neutrogena complete acne therapy system. normally my skin is proneto break-out’s. i break out two to three times per week and i normally have blemishes inmy t-zone here. especially on my forehead. some cleansers i used before were the st.ives apricot scrub, clearasil pads that come in a stack and you just pull a sheet out useit twice per day on your face, proactiv, other systems, and none of them worked. i had reachedthe point where i was going to go to the dermatologist.

i was hesitant to do that because i knew thatthe medication would be expensive and, you know, getting insurance to cover it, and sometimesthat doesn’t work. so this was my last hope. i documented my progress week by week so thatall of you would know what to expect. i wouldn’t say to expect results immediately. i startedseeing more dramatic results around week 3 week 4. the only con i experienced was arounddays four and five, having super dry flaky skin. if this does happen to you just decreasethe application from twice per day to once per day. if you guys have any questions forme about my trial, just let me know. thanks for listening you guys. i hope it was helpful!

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