Cyst Pimple

irais: hello.hi. -hi, dr. lee.-how are you guys? hi. i’m sandra.dr. lee. irais.nice to meet you. irais? irais.nice to meet you. i’m gil. yes.gil? nice to meet you, too.thank you. this is your translator.he’s gonna help you to — okay. yes. i’ll be her translator.okay. okay.

[ speaks spanish ] welcome. okay?[ translating in spanish ] what’s going on? oh, you do.oh, my goodness. she has a ball on her head. you do. how longhave you had this? [ translating in spanish ] ocho.eight years.

eight years only, huh?yes. moves around okay. dr. lee: our irais here, she’sgot a serious bump on her scalp. i mean, this is somethingthat you cannot hide. i’m certainthat this is a bother for her every day of her life. i can imagine that this affectsyour life in many ways. gil:[ translating in spanish ] [ breathes sharply ]

she uses hatswhen she goes to the school. yes, and bullied. her twins get bullied.oh, you have kids. yeah.she has twins that are… she can’t even take themout to the parks and… yeah, you can’t liveyour life. this is no life — this is not a good lifeto live. yeah.

well, i want to seeif i can help you. i don’t knowexactly what this is. but i’m gonna do my bestto try to remove it, any evidence of it,now, today. okay? all right, i’ll be back. ♪♪ okay. she’s gota very big one. is it a cyst?you guys see it?

i think it’s probablya pilar cyst. it’s like — it’s attachedto the scalp, half of it, and it kind of projectsdownward a little bit, like a hook kind of thing. she’s darling.yeah. she needs this. her kids are getting bulliedat school because of their mom. aw. that’s terrible.

so, yeah, let’s fix her. i’m excited to do it,actually, even though it’s a big one. it’s a big one.

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